Recommendations from Healthcare Professionals:

"As a physician and instructor at a major teaching hospital in Texas, I believe this approach should be taught at medical schools.  Doctors quickly forget how to diagnose problems once they face the pressure cooker realities of the emergency room or the managed care office."  (Dr. Maggie Ann Jefferies, Anesthesiologist, Houston, TX)

"Your book is right on the money in terms of how doctors typically interact with their patients - it's sickening what I see every day in the ER.  I will recommend your book to everyone who leaves our hospital with 'Not Yet Diagnosed' on the bottom of their chart."  (Angele Stammler, ER Nurse, Windsor, Ontario)

"I enjoyed reading your book.  It flowed well and was very clear and understandable.  Your approach has great merit, especially in those difficult-to-solve diagnostic dilemmas, and sometimes could be life-saving."  (Dr. David Thompson, Internist, Niantic, CT)

"Having worked as a sales rep for a major pharmaceutical company for many years, I know how frequently my colleagues say whatever is necessary to get physicians on their side.  Many doctors are indeed pharma influenced, and  as a result focus too often on treating only the patient's symptoms."  (Bridget Miller, Leesburg, VA)